Russel Kaufman, MD

Executive-in-Residence and Scientific Advisory Board

Russel is currently President Emeritus of The Wistar Institute and previously served as the Director of The Wistar Cancer Center. Prior to his role at The Wistar Institute, he was the Vice Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor at the Duke University School of Medicine, where he is now professor emeritus. He also serves as a Wistar Professor in the Adjunct Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on genetics, cancer, and blood diseases. He is certified in Internal Medicine and has practiced hematology and medical oncology. Russel has held leadership positions in national academic organizations in Internal Medicine and on committees within the NIH, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Cancer Society, and the American Association of Medical Colleges. He serves on the boards of the University City Science Center, Osage Ventures and BioAdvance. He is a consultant to Kentmere Healthcare and CEO of Kaufman LifeSciences, LLC.

Russel joined Pappas Capital in 2008 as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, becoming an Executive-in-Residence in 2015.


Ohio State University (BS in Biochemistry and Zoology)
Ohio State University (MD)
Duke University (Residency)