Chiesi Ventures Fund

Strategic Partnership to Advance Solutions for Patients with Rare Diseases.

Using our network to expand Chiesi’s network—with the goal of improving the lives of patients with rare diseases.

The Chiesi Ventures Fund seeks investment opportunities in the field of rare and orphan diseases. Chiesi Ventures supports the advancement of high-quality research and development opportunities for therapies that can provide hope for patients and their families. Pappas Specialized Fund Management supports Chiesi’s North American market expansion strategy by identifying the most promising investment opportunities, structuring investment transactions and overseeing portfolio company relationships. We use our network to help Chiesi expand its network—among universities, venture capital investors, rare disease patient organizations and entrepreneurial companies developing treatments for rare diseases.

We are interested in early-stage companies with first-in-class products or technologies that offer the potential to extend patients’ lives and/or improve the quality of patients’ lives. The fund considers investments in a wide range of opportunities, from traditional small molecules and biologics, to gene therapies and cell therapies, to diagnostic and disease management technologies.

Chiesi Ventures Portfolio Companies