About Pappas Capital

Proven Leaders in Advancing Life Science.

Investing in life science with the goal of improving the lives of patients, while delivering superior results to investors.

Pappas Capital is a global venture capital and commercial development firm investing in next-generation life science, agriculture, and technology companies. We operate three lines of business: Pappas Ventures, our flagship life science venture arm; Specialized Fund Management, where we create and manage custom-tailored investment vehicles; and Translational Medicine, where we partner with research universities to accelerate the development of their scientific discoveries and inventions.

With longstanding relationships throughout the industry, we’re able to help our portfolio companies find talent for their teams. Our deep understanding of the drug development process enables our management teams to provide insightful guidance and craft effective clinical and regulatory strategies. We also endeavor to accelerate the progress of our companies by leveraging our extensive professional network.


Creating, guiding, connecting and funding innovative life science companies, from concept to commercialization.


Structuring and managing customized investment vehicles to meet the strategic needs of our investors.


Partnering with leading academic institutions to accelerate the development of research discoveries and inventions.