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Advancing breakthrough ideas while building successful companies.

A dedicated team of life science investment professionals with deep industry and domain expertise in building equity value in life science companies.

We have a team of investment professionals committed to helping you achieve your vision. Your relationship with Pappas Capital is a partnership—an ongoing collaboration between our team, your team and the many constituents that shape the evolution of a successful company.

When you partner with us, you do more than secure capital. You put our experience, expertise, network and relationships to work building value. We’re committed for the long-term, devoted to helping bring your idea to market.

Our Process.

Our selection process is designed to help us gain a detailed understanding of your company’s intellectual property, clinical programs, competitive landscape, capital structure, and management team. As we go through this rigorous process together, we hope you’ll develop a deep understanding of Pappas Capital – and how we can help you build value for your investors.


Step 1

Company Presentation:

Entrepreneurs and companies seeking capital should provide a detailed business plan, executive summary, or presentation.

Step 2

Initial Evaluation Process:

  • We review the submitted materials to determine the appropriate team member to evaluate the opportunity.

  • This initial review group goes through the materials with an eye towards understanding what makes the opportunity compelling.
  • If the review group gives a thumbs up, the investment opportunity is summarized for our overall team, and a decision is made either to learn more, or to do no further work.
  • If we elect not to further pursue an opportunity, we encourage entrepreneurs and management teams to keep us posted as the company achieves important milestones in the future. It's common for us to invest in companies we passed on for prior rounds.

Step 3

Further Due Diligence:

  • We assign a small team to thoroughly assess the company/technology based on our investment criteria.
  • Based on our continuing interest, the company’s management (or the founding entrepreneur) is asked to present to the Pappas Capital team.
  • Our evaluation continues, with input from our Scientific Advisory Board, other outside experts, and an ongoing dialogue with the company’s management team, board, and current investors.
  • Our objective is to determine whether, and on what terms, an investment in the company is right for us – taking into account not only the merits and potential of the company itself, but also internal considerations such as the fit with the rest of our portfolio. The process—from introduction to investment—can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.


Investment Criteria

    Pappas Capital invests exclusively in the life science sector

  • Biotechnology
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Drug Delivery
  • Medical devices
  • Other related ventures

    Strong proprietary position
    We are looking for a

  • Large, clearly defined market
  • Well-conceived intellectual property strategy that can provide a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Technology or product that will provide for better, faster and/or less expensive healthcare outcomes
  • Well thought-out exit strategy

Stage of investment

We invest anywhere from a seed stage to later-stage mezzanine transactions

Clinical expertise

We invest across the spectrum from bare-bones start-ups to well-established companies, but our sweet spot remains companies with products or technologies at Phase 1 or Phase 2 stage of development

    Focus on management team

    We carefully consider the experience and expertise of key managers, looking for:

  • Proven track record
  • Exceptional ability to communicate the company’s story to various audiences
  • Deep commitment to creating value for shareholders

Meet our criteria?