MethylGene Announces Encouraging Data from Phase 1 Tumor Study

News | 06. 25. 2012

Mirati Therapeutics

June 25, 2012

MethylGene Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, has announced the encouraging clinical data from the company's Phase I Met/VEGFR multi- kinase inhibitor MGCD265 study.

The MGCD265, a multitargeted oral tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitor of Met and VEGFR: Dose-escalation Phase I study provided an interim update on the monotherapy trial 265-101.

Trial 265-101 is an ongoing Phase I, multicenter, open-label trial. In this trial patients are treated with MGCD265 alone, dosed orally every day over a 21 day cycle. Data was presented on 57 patients with advanced metastatic or unresectable solid malignancies that were refractory to standard therapy and/or unlikely to derive clinical benefit from existing therapies.

In an ex vivo system designed to assess the biological activity of MGCD265 using plasma samples from study patients, increased plasma concentration of MGCD265 was associated with inhibition of Met phosphorylation in a dose-dependent manner, suggesting coverage of the biological target, Met, in the clinical setting.