Marina Biotech, Inc. announces significant knockdown of gene targets in tumors with a microRNA mimetic

News | 09. 13. 2010

Marina Biotech

Marina Biotech, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRNA), a leading RNA-based drug discovery and development company, today reported results from in vivo studies in rodent cancer models focused on effective delivery of a microRNA (miRNA) mimetic using Marina Biotech's proprietary Di-Alkylated Amino Acid (DiLA2) delivery system. Organ and tumor distribution studies demonstrated up to a 100-fold increase in miRNA copies per tumor cell as compared to baseline levels. Similar increases in the miRNA levels were noted in liver, lung, and heart after systemic administration of the mimetic formulated in DiLA2- based liposomes. Moreover, delivery of the miRNA mimetic in DiLA2 liposomes demonstrated approximately 60% knockdown of mRNA for two genes whose down-regulation is the intended target of the miRNA mimetic.