Curzion Pharmaceuticals Acquired by Horizon Therapeutics

News | 04. 02. 2020

Curzion Pharmaceuticals

DUBLIN -- April 2, 2020 -- Horizon Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: HZNP) announced today that it has acquired Curzion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held development-stage biopharma company, and its development-stage oral selective lysophosphatidic acid 1 receptor (LPAR1) antagonist, CZN001 (renamed HZN-825). Under terms of the agreement, Horizon acquired Curzion for a $45 million upfront cash payment with additional payments contingent on the achievement of development and regulatory milestones. CZN001 was originally discovered and developed by Sanofi, which is eligible to receive contingent payments upon the achievement of development and commercialization milestones and royalties based on revenue thresholds.