CardioDx Wins Medicare OK of Molecular Test for Heart Disease

News | 08. 08. 2012



August 8, 2012

CardioDx has spent three years marketing a new genetic test that can tell when a patient’s chest pain is a sign of serious heart disease, or no big cause for alarm. It still has a long way to go before becoming part of mainstream medicine, but now the company has taken a big step ahead by persuading Medicare, the agency that provides health insurance to Americans over age 65, that its test is worth the money.

Palo Alto, CA-based CardioDx is announcing today that Palmetto GBA, the national contractor for Medicare, has agreed to reimburse the company for its Corus CAD test. CardioDx isn’t saying how much Medicare agreed to pay for the test, but it sells for a list price of $1,195 per patient, CEO David Levison says. The decision effectively means that more than 40 million Medicare patients are eligible for the test, as long as their doctor prescribes it.