CardioDx Passes Trial, Determining When Chest Pain Is No Big Deal

News | 11. 15. 2011


November 15, 2011

Chest pain is one of the big reasons people go to the ER or to see their primary care doc. Often when people get there, it’s hard to tell who has serious heart disease or something less serious. Now Palo Alto, CA-based CardioDx is presenting study results that say its new blood test, in certain situations, can help doctors tell the difference.

CardioDx said today that its test, called Corus CAD, was more effective than standard imaging techniques in a study of 537 patients. The study found that the gene expression test, which relies on a blood sample, was better than standard myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) at ruling out the patients who don’t have coronary artery disease. The results, from a study called Compass, are being presented today at the American Heart Association’s scientific sessions in Orlando, FL.