Art Pappas makes TBJ "Triangle's Most Influential Business Leaders" List

News | 07. 09. 2012

Welcome to Triangle Business Journal’s inaugural “The Triangle’s Most Influential Business Leaders” list.

The 100 names for this list were chosen by the TBJ editors after going through hundreds of names across various sectors that fall under the general coverage guidelines of this newspaper.

A special feature relating to these 100 individuals will be published in our July 27 issue. At that time, you will read about the influence and impact these individuals have had on our communities.

The 2012 list contains many familiar names in business, education, philanthropy and government. It also contains some names you may not recognize right away because they have just started their careers but hold tremendous promise for our communities.

Also, you will see some names missing from this list, including North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue, former Progress Energy (NYSE: PGN) CEO Bill Johnson and former Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker. These individuals have made unparalleled contributions in forwarding our collective goal of being one of the best places in the country to live, work and play. But with this list, we also wanted to look ahead and take inventory of what individuals we believe will continue to make a substantial contribution in the coming years.

Also on this list you will find some former corporate executives such as Red Hat’s (NYSE: RHT) Matthew Szulik, Mulkey’s Barbara Mulkey and Martin Marietta Materials’    (NYSE: MLM) Steve Zelnak who have managed to remain active in this community by participating in ventures that make our communities richer in talent, culture and education.

As I mentioned, the process itself being subjective, might result in some disagreements over who has been included since we only chose 100 individuals. And that’s where you come in. We would love to hear from you any names you feel deserve mention as part of the Top 100.

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