Former Pappas Portfolio Company CEO Retracts Anonymous Allegations

News | 07. 17. 2018

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., July 17, 2018 — Pappas Capital announced today that Kenneth Ian Moch has retracted allegations of financial malfeasance that he made, anonymously, against two of the firm’s senior executives. In the retraction letter, Mr. Moch acknowledged that “the statements that I made in the emails were false and it was wrong for me to send them.” He also retracted all other disparaging statements that he made about Pappas Capital over the course of litigation that extended over more than two years.

During a seven-month period beginning in October 2014, Mr. Moch sent a series of anonymous emails to several of the firm’s largest investors and to the news media. More than a year after the initial email, Pappas Capital identified Mr. Moch as the sender and named him in a defamation lawsuit. The two parties have entered into a settlement agreement and Pappas Capital has dismissed its defamation case against Mr. Moch. Mr. Moch was previously the CEO of Chimerix, a Durham, NC company in which venture capital funds managed by Pappas had invested.